There is a path that only you know.

Every moment you're faced with a choice of what to do.

There's the choice everyone else makes, and there's the choice that serves your vision and purpose.

We all have a vision for what our ultimate life looks like.

Some have it defined more clearly than others.

The clearer your picture is, the easier it becomes to aim.

Hard to hit a blurry target.

Because everyone's vision is different, targets in different places, everyone's path is also different.

To align yourself with the person who's living your ultimate life, you must make the choices that person would make.

And in each moment, only you know what that choice is.

And that is the path that only you know.


Because everyone's vision is different, what's right for one person may not be right for another.

One of the biggest challenges every human faces in their lives is to be their own leader through life.

To make decisions from your own independent thought instead of following others.

Or as my friend Derrick Yazwa calls it, being your own mental point of origin.

Leading others starts with leading yourself.

Everyone is desperate for a leader, not realizing the person they seek is inside them.

While you're still in the mindset of a follower, you cannot also be a leader.

Leaders don't follow.

To start walking your own path requires you to take risks.

To do things that no one else is doing.

And with no one to give you approval of what is the right thing to do.

That's scary.

And so the main thing you need to start leading yourself is courage.

Stepping off the beaten path and walking your own... that requires courage.

It requires you to... literally...

... boldly go where no man has gone before.



Photo: Wonderfruit 2018, Thailand.