We all place ourselves at various levels, and we are constantly falling from these heights. It is the falls we are ashamed of. Self-esteem is the cause of our shame, of our fall. It is this self-esteem that must be understood, and not the fall. ~ J. Krishnamurti
[ Advanced Emotional Mechanics, Part 3 ]
[ Advanced Emotional Mechanics, Part 2 ]
[Advanced Emotional Mechanics, Part 1]
Four things: #1: Realize that happiness is just a concept. It’s only real in the sense that a concept like “freedom” is real to those locked in a cage…
is always obvious when you stop looking for miracles
This is true for everyone all the time. For example, if you're trying to get in shape, you may think you just need the right workout routine and diet…
You MOVE in the direction you are oriented toward. And where you are oriented toward is determined by how you FEEL. Most people feel UNSAFE. They do not…
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