"This too shall pass."

You hear this phrase a lot from people going through difficult times.

It's a great reminder that no matter what happens, there's a new day tomorrow.

But it's also true during the good times. When there really isn't anything you really wish would pass.

It's also true when you're mindlessly scrolling down your feed, killing time until time kills you.

If you had a little more awareness of "this too shall pass" during your mundane everyday moments, maybe that would make them a little less mundane?

All the moments pass just the same, whether good or bad. So whether good or bad, be here with them. Be present, and don't let too many of them slip by unaware.

"This, too, shall pass," is not just a handy phrase to help us endure hard times. When looked at the right way, it's a call to wake up and make the most of your damn day. To seize the day, and seize your whole damn life too while you're at it.

To cap off this post, here's one of the most badass quotes of all time:

"I am come as Time, the ultimate waster of people, ready for the hour that ripens to their doom." ~ Krishna