If absolutely nothing in your life changed from this moment until the day you die, would you be happy?

For most, the answer is probably no.

What about 5 years from now?

In 5 years, if you were looking back to this exact moment, with NOTHING changed from the way it is today... Would you be happy?

What about 1 year from now?

What about tomorrow?

If you WOULD be happy being in exactly the same position tomorrow as you are now...

But not in 5 years...

Where do you draw the line?

At what point does making no progress go from acceptable to unacceptable?

Why is making no progress acceptable or unacceptable?

The truth is, you're either moving forward or you're not.

And 5 years from now is only a few tomorrows away.

Throughout my life, I've let many days just slip by without doing anything, and I've hated myself for it.

I hated knowing that there was something I could do… and then done something dumb instead (like trying to numb myself with Netflix/social media etc). It's made me feel like a piece of shit every time.

Ironically, those days were also necessary, to teach me the value of time.

And ironically, if you actually would be happy if nothing changed for the rest of your life, it means you've reached a level of peace and happiness most will never get close to.

More ironic still, our constant wanting to change the way things are is what's creating the resistance that stops us from actually making progress.

Life is funny like that.

Resisting reality is like trying to argue with the ocean. And the thing about arguing with the ocean is the ocean always wins.

When you let go of wanting to change stuff, not only do you end up freeing up all that stuck energy inside you so you no longer feel like a piece of shit... A lot of times you'll simply find that the situation you were wanting to change either goes away or changes on its own.

Problems only exist in the mind. And they're constantly trying to show you what you need to learn about yourself, whatever that might be.

And by the way, the questions I asked at the beginning of this post are not for me. They're for you to ask yourself. Ask them, write your answers down, and see what your mind comes up with. You might just learn something about yourself.