Hi, I’m Linus.

I’m a Swedish-born, Bangkok-based writer, marketing strategist, and DJ.

My focus is mainly split between these 3 areas:

  • I created something called the Daily Alignment Practice, which is a daily ritual to clear out inner mental and emotional blocks, getting out of resistance and into alignment with your ideal vision of the future.

  • Together with my business partner, Frankie, I run a boutique consulting business where we work with 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs to find new profit centers in their businesses.

  • I DJ underground house music at clubs and festivals around Thailand and beyond, as part of Grow Room. You can check out some of my music on Soundcloud.

My approach to life, work, success, and happiness is based on a few simple ideas:

First, our inner feeling-state is our most direct and immediate experience at any given moment.

Everything decision we make emerges out of how you FEEL at any given moment.

Our emotional state colors and permeates every thought, every action, every experience. It is the lens through which we experience everything.

Second, learning how to identify and release the patterns of thinking and feeling that cause internal restrictions is the #1 key to getting unstuck and generating momentum in life.

Most of my coaching work is based around this practice, and it is also one of the pillars of the Daily Alignment Practice.

Third, as you let go of old patterns, you start getting greater clarity on what it is you truly want. (Rather than hand-me-down beliefs about what you think you should want.)

As you come into greater alignment with your natural skills, talents, and authentic desires, a vision for your ultimate life emerges naturally.

As you keep clearing out inner resistance, life starts opening up to a greater ease and flow, you tap into your intuition, and come into deep alignment with your power, potential and purpose.

I was building businesses, creating marketing campaigns, and writing sales copy at a very high level before I ever figured out all this stuff.

I realized that none of it makes a lick of difference if you haven’t figured out the internal stuff first.

Now I take the same actions, do the same things, and create radically different results.

The inner work is what enables the external actions to work.

The inner work is what enables the right ideas to emerge.

The inner work is what enables the drive, the forward momentum, the clarity of thinking to make decisions, and the resilience to deal with setbacks.

If you’d like to go deeper, check out my free mini-book, The 8 Principles Of Alignment.

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Talk soon,